Landscape 2019

Spring 2021

2019 Show Summary

Show Summary

LANDSCAPE 2019 was a huge success and we hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did! 葡京游戏平台官网 welcomed over 65 brand new companies to the exhibitor line-up which ensured there were plenty of new products to discover from an exciting range of companies.

Visitors to Battersea Park also enjoyed several industry leading seminar sessions, which were extremely well attended and well received. Our seminar programme delivered 44 exceptional sessions across the two days. These sessions were led by high calibre speakers such as: Kate Gould, John Wyer, Arit Anderson, James Alexander-Sinclair, Charlotte Rowe and Andrew Fisher Tomlin to name just a few. Our seminars educated our visitors in topics such as; Sustainable Water Issues, Planting Design and Construction Detailing.


34% of attendees were first time visitors.

82% of visitors heavily influence or are the decision makers.

86% of our visitors are very likely to recommend and use an exhibitor for a future project.

44% of our visitors are Garden Designers.


Visitor Stats


"It is an amazing event, there葡京游戏平台官网such a breath of knowledge and wealth of exhibitors here. I don鈥檛 think you can be in the industry and not see this!" Kate Gould - Kate Gould Gardens

"I鈥檓 bound to come back next year because it葡京游戏平台官网a great forum for design! Every year I come to the LANDSCAPE Show, I meet new suppliers, new people. Without fail ,I am putting orders in" Andrew Fisher Tomlin - Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer

"There葡京游戏平台官网such a diverse range of trade stands here, from all areas of landscaping, there葡京游戏平台官网something for everyone!" Cleve 葡京游戏平台官网st - Cleve 葡京游戏平台官网st Landscape Design

"This is our second year after we had such a phenomenal amount of success at last year葡京游戏平台官网show and we鈥檙e coming back for 2020!" Wooden Garden Obelisk Company

Take a look at the LANDSCAPE Show 2019 video to really get a feel for the event